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Experiencing problems with your septic system? Looking for septic tank repairs that won’t break your wallet but can get your drains and toilets working again quickly. You have come to the right place. All Septic All Plumbing offers fast, dependable and affordable septic tank repairs, pumping and cleaning.

While adequately maintained septic systems can last for decades, they eventually require service or repairs. Often an easy septic pumping or high-pressure water jetting may get your drains flowing again. With any septic tank repair, we recommend a full septic system inspection. Septic inspections are affordable and often will uncover hidden system issues if not repaired timely can cost more to fix later.


At All Septic All Plumbing we believe if your home or business uses a septic tank, understanding the function of your septic tank system is vital to keeping it in good working order. The best way to keep your septic system in good working order to avoid costly septic tank repairs is having regular septic tank pumping.

However, many people are not very aware of the process required to make it run correctly. They wait until the last moment to service their septic system, and suddenly they end up with drains backing up into their building.

Two important factors that keep a septic tank system running correctly.

First, it’s crucial that the bacterial action in the tank be enough to break solid matter down daily.

Secondly, since there will gradually be a build-up of sludge in the bottom of the septic tank, it is important not to let this build up to the point that the system fails.

When a septic tank becomes overly filled with sludge or the bacterial action is no longer able to keep up with the requirement to break down solid matter, the sludge and solid matter will start draining into the drainage system of the tank.

This solid waste overflow can potentially ruin your drain field which can be expensive. At the very least, the pipes leading to the drain field can clog. Clogged pipes cause wastewater to back up into the toilet or shower, and bath drains because there’s no place for it to go.


If you find yourself having a plumbing backup emergency, your first step should be to call All Septic All Plumbing. Septic pumping and cleaning will give your septic tank a rest and possibly prolong septic tank repairs.

If after septic tank pumping, wastewater and solid matter gradually refill your septic tank again quickly you may need septic tank repairs. Before completing repairs, we recommend a septic inspection of your entire system. Inspections will uncover all your septic tank repairs required.

It can take several hours to complete septic tank repairs, depending on the size of your tank, how much digging is required and the integrity of your system. If you have an older septic system, septic tank repairs may involve digging up the entire septic tank and all the drain field. The time it takes to make repairs varies depending on what is needed.


All Septic All Plumbing is a fully licensed, bonded and insured septic systems contractor. Our field service personnel are trained and certified in proper septic tank repair processes. Before any septic tank repair work we inspect your system for visible signs of potential issues.

When you call All Septic All Plumbing, day or night, you will always speak with one of our employees. Homeowners & businesses rely on our friendly staff to quickly schedule and manage their septic tank pumping needs.


Our mission at All Septic All Plumbing is to provide our clients with the best customer care and superior services. As part of our continued customer care pledge, we offer 24 Hours A Day – 7 Days A Week services. For the fastest response to your septic tank repairs, call All Septic All Plumbing Today! “It doesn’t get any faster than ASAP!”