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Lift stations also called pump stations, are used for moving wastewater or sewage from lower to higher elevations. With smaller lots and more reliable pump technology, lift stations are becoming more popular. Particularly in septic systems. In a standard septic tank system, gravity is used to transport the sewage from the home or business to the septic tank, and then to the drain field. There are times, however, when a lift station needs to be used. Areas that are lower to the ground need a lift station to pump the water over higher-level grounds, so gravity can once again take over getting waste water flow into the septic tank or city sewer.


A lift station is composed of:

  • Wastewater Receiving Well (Wet-Well)
  • Pumps and Piping
  • Motors
  • Power Supply
  • Equipment Controller
  • Alarm
  • Odor Control/Ventilation System

The wastewater receiving well, called a wet-well, collects the water and is often equipped with a screen or grinder to remove solid, coarse materials. The wastewater fills with sewage to a certain level. When the tank hits that level, the switch triggers, and turns on the pump. The sewage is then pumped up and on to the next stage where it will be transported to the septic tank or city sewer.

If the switch or the pump fails, there is an alarm that will alert the homeowner to the trouble. Sadly, not all problems will alert the alarm. If you suspect that your lift station is in need of repair or replacement, there are signs to look for such as:

  • The Breaker Constantly Disengages
  • The Plumbing is Backing Up
  • The Alarm Box is Chirping
  • Sewer Odors in the Home
  • Sewer Smell Coming Out of Tap Water
  • Low Water Pressure
  • Sewage Surfacing on the Ground


If the alarm goes off or if you notice any of these signs, do not hesitate to call All Septic All Plumbing right away. These signs should not be ignored as you could be looking at further damage and that means even more costly repairs.

Our service vehicles use the most up to date equipment. Our field service personnel are trained and certified in proper lift stations processes. We inspect your entire system for visible signs of potential issues and provide a report of findings.

Our mission at All Septic All Plumbing is to provide our clients with the best customer care and superior services. As part of our continued customer care pledge, we offer 24 Hours A Day – 7 Days A Week services. For the fastest response to your lift station needs, call All Septic All Plumbing Today! “It doesn’t get any faster than ASAP!”