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Septic Inspections are a beneficial process for determining the proper functioning of a building’s septic system. All septic systems have a lifespan and are going to have failures. Unfortunately, there is no absolute way to predict how long a septic system will last. A typical life expectancy of a septic system is 25 to 30 years. Considering the history of a septic system is useful, but systems that have worked fine for years may have vital components fail with little or no warning. The most significant benefit of having a septic inspection is to uncover and repair small septic system issues before they become more prominent and more expensive problems. The most common reasons for considering a septic inspection are

  • Slow Draining or Drain Backups
  • Older Septic Systems
  • New Property Owners
  • Unusually Wet Areas on Your Property
  • Property That is Caving in or Sagging
  • Real Estate Inspections

If you have a septic system and are unsure of your septic system needs a septic inspection completed by All Septic All Plumbing can help.


Septic Systems get installed and replaced according to local building codes in your area at the time of construction or replacement. There are many variations in septic system designs depending on the age of a property. Older septic systems requiring replacement are required to be brought up to date to current local building codes. Each septic inspection is likely to be unique. There are two basic types of septic inspections, non-invasive and partial to full excavations. All septic inspections observe and record visual working order of

  • Plumbing Drainage
  • Septic Tank Integrity
  • Septic Drain Field
  • Unusual Wet Areas on A Property
  • Visible Signs of Septic Tank or Septic Drain Field Collapse
  • Non-Invasive Septic Inspections

A non-invasive septic inspection is often a good starting point for helping to determine the condition of an existing septic tank system. These inspections leave the soil, grass, and plants mostly undisturbed. A septic inspector first relies on visual signs for detecting any defects in the overall septic system. Some visible signs of septic leaks or seepage are significant lush plant growth compared to other surrounding plants. Next readily accessible septic tank access caps get opened, and the liquid level inside the tank gets observed and recorded. After the initial liquid levels are observed the buildings water is turned on and left running to increase the flow of wastewater into the septic tank. With the water running and filling the plumbing drains inspectors look for pipe and drain leaks, raising septic tank levels and significant water ponding around the septic tank and drain field. Partial or Full Excavations Septic Inspections There are conditions where non-invasive septic inspections do not reveal what the cause of septic system leaks and backups is. When septic systems problems can’t be found using non-invasive inspections some level of excavation or digging up sections of a system is often the only option. We try to minimize excavation to only suspected damaged areas of a septic system noted during a visual inspection. Because problems are underground, there isn’t a foolproof system for understanding the extent of required excavation.


Septic inspections are a beneficial process for determining the proper functioning and needed repairs of your septic system. All septic systems have a lifespan and are going to have failures. All Septic All Plumbing is a fully licensed, bonded and insured septic systems contractor. Our field service personnel are trained and certified in proper septic tank processes. We provide thorough and affordable septic inspections. We work to uncover small septic system issues before they become more prominent and more expensive problems.

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